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’05 – ’14 Mustang Styling Bars

One of the paramount concerns convertible owners have when it comes to their vehicle is rigidity. If you own a 2005 to 2014 Ford Mustang convertible, we have a solution for you. Because of the convertible design, the frame of the car isn’t as rigid as in a normal car. This can cause a number of problems as a car ages, including added wear on the chassis, rattling and other issues. Cervini’s offers Mustang styling bars that can help increase the rigidity of your vehicle and minimize body flex.

Installation is easy; simply bolt the unit onto the existing unibody structure. The Mustang convertible styling bars offer a rigid steel tube core construction and are quite durable. They also have a built-in third brake light and can be customized to come in any color of your choosing. Note: Styling bars are not intended to be a substitute for a roll bar. They are not designed to protect the passengers in the event of a rollover.